Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's All Hypothetical But....

There is a mathematical chance that if Taiwan wins out at the Little League Asian Regionals, it could still find itself out of the championship game should Korea beat Japan on Thursday
(assuming that all 3 teams finish with a 4-1 record). Taiwan won today against Hong Kong, but only by a 5-1 margin. Based on the Runs for - Runs against difference, Taiwan needs to start scoring and in a hurry. The also need to shut down their last 2 opponents - China and Thailand.
Last year, at the Asian regionals, all three powerhouses ended up beating each other. So it's possible that this scenario repeats itself this year. The only thing Taiwan can do is to win out and win big and hope that Japan beats Korea.

Amateur News:
The CT NT lost a close, close game to the Cuban NT 2-1 in Holland. Clutching on to a 1-0 lead heading into the 8th inning, Taiwan seemed poised to beat Cuba. In my lifetime, that is something I've never seen - a win over Cuba. However, Cuba rallied in the 8th and 9th innings, with some clutch hitting to waste a valiant effort by CT starting pitcher Chien-Fu Chen. Chen pitched 8 innings, giving up 7 hits, and only 1 run. Box/PlaybyPlay
CT's next game is tomorrow vs. nemesis China.

In his first game after the NPB All-Star break, Lin struck out in a pinch hit appearance. Hanshin lost 7-2. Box

Hu was 1-4, but his team lost 4-2. Box

Wisconsin won in extra innings, as Lo was 1-4 with a sac-fly RBI. Box

Lowell got shelled 13-1. Yeh gave up 3 of the runs in 1 IP. He also managed to record all of his outs via strikeouts. Box

Riding the roller coaster - Well, an update on Tsao from - it seems as if Tsao's headed in the right direction with 2 good bullpen sessions recently. He threw another session today to determine his fate for the near future.

The bobblehead of Wang that Staten Island is giving away on Thursday gives me the creeps - The bobblehead will feature life-like jet black hair on the doll. But, I'm sure the limited edition item will fetch a pretty penny on Ebay. Check pics here and here.

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