Sunday, November 04, 2007

CPBL Awards & WC NT Roster Announced...


2007 MVP
The CPBL handed out its hardware today. The league champs took home a lot of trophies with Kuo-Ching Kao being the most decorated one.
Check out the list below:

*MVP - Kuo-Ching Kao (President Lions)
*ROY - Wu-Hsiung Pan (President Lions)
*Most Impoved Player - Yu-Wei Hsu (La New Bears)
*Best Pitcher - Wei-Lun Pan (President Lions)
*Best Catcher - Chih-Kang Kao (President Lions)
*Best 1B - Kuo-Ching Kao (President Lions)
*Best 2B - Sen Yang (President Lions)
*Best 3B - Tilson Brito (President Lions)
*Best SS - Chih-Sheng Lin (La New Bears)
*Top 3 OF - Fu-Hao Liu (President Lions)
*Top 3 OF - Chia-Hsien Hsieh (Macoto Cobras)
*Top 3 OF - Wu-Hsiung Pan (President Lions)
*Best DH - Chin-Feng Chen (La New Bears)
*Gold Glove (P) - Pete Munro (President Lions)
*Gold Glove (C) - Feng-Min Chen (La New Bears)
*Gold Glove (1B) - Kuo-Ching Kao (President Lions)
*Gold Glove (2B) - Sen Yang (President Lions)
*Gold Glove (3B) - Wei Kao (Macoto Cobras)
*Gold Glove (SS) - Chih-Sheng Lin (La New Bears)
*Gold Glove (OF) - Long-Yi Huang (La New Bears)
*Gold Glove (OF) - Wu-Hsiung Pan (President Lions)
*Gold Glove (OF) - Fu-Hao Liu (President Lions)

The revised final 24 man roster for the NT has been announced. You can check out the preliminary roster here.

Pitchers (10):
1)Ying-Chieh Lin (Rakuten Eagles)
2)En-Yu Lin (Rakuten Eagles)
3)Ming-Chieh Hsu (Seibu Lions)
4)Chien-Fu Yang (Sinon Bulls)
5)Po-Hsuan Keng (Toronto Blue Jays)
6)Sung-Wei Tseng (Cleveland Indians)
7)Yu-Chieh Shen (Chinatrust Whales)
8)Fu-Te Ni (Chinatrust Whales)
9)Yu-Cheng Liao (Brother Elephants)
10)Chih-Lung Huang (Amateur)

Catchers (3):
1)Chun-Chang Yeh (Sinon Bulls)
2)Feng-Min Chen (La New Bears)
3)Kun-Sheng Lin (Amateur)

Infielders (6):
1)Tai-Shan Chang (Sinon Bulls)
2)Chao-Hang(Hsing) Cheng (Sinon Bulls)
3)Yi-Chuan Lin (Amateur)
4)Chih-Hsien Chiang (Boston Red Sox)
5)Chih-Sheng Lin (La New Bears)
6)Chia-Hsien Hsieh (Macoto Cobras)

Outfielders (5):
1)Cheng-Min Peng (Brother Elephants)
2)Chin-Feng Chen (La New Bears)
3)Kuo-Hui Lo (Seattle Mariners)
4)Chih-Yao Chan (Amateur)
5)Ying-Chieh Liao (Amateur)

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Anonymous said...

nooo why'd they get rid of wang? Lin yi chuan, chan chih yao, and liao ying jie really can't hit.