Thursday, November 01, 2007

WC to be Broadcast on Internet....Free!

Good news for avid baseball fans! will be broadcasting 41 games at the World Cup live & on-demand for free!
All of the NT's preliminary games will be broadcast on
1)Nov. 6th vs. Italy - will be broadcast at 2:00 AM PST Nov. 6th
2)Nov. 8th vs. South Africa - broadcast at 2:00 AM PST Nov. 8th
3)Nov. 9th vs. Japan - broadcast at 2:00 AM PST Nov. 9th
4)Nov. 10th vs. Spain - broadcast at 8:00 PM PST Nov. 9th
5)Nov. 11th vs. Mexico - broadcast at 8:00 PM PST Nov. 10th
6)Nov. 13th vs. Panama - broadcast at 2:00 AM PST Nov. 13th
7)Nov. 14th vs. USA - broadcast at 2:00 AM PST Nov. 14th

In other WC news, the Panamanian NT has been offered plane tickets by Taiwan. A nice gesture by the government, but when you recall this article, it makes you think that the money would be better vested in the country's youth programs.

Konami Cup:
The Chunichi Dragons won the 2007 Japan Series, defeating the defending champs 4 games to 1. I missed this earlier, but CS Yang did make one appearance in the Series, K'ing in his only AB in game 3. Box

With the K Cup field set, the President Lions will play:
1)Nov. 8th vs. the CBA All-Stars
2)Nov. 9th vs. the Chunichi Dragons
3)Nov. 10th vs. the SK Wyverns

The final will take place Nov. 11th.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I agree. Its a good gesture but the money should be going to the youth programs. especially our little league teams.

maos said...

yesterday's warmup game vs australia was not bad. but, both lins seem to have gotten worse after going to japan.

TTT said...

There's a long list of Who's Who in terms of star Taiwanese pitchers who've gone to Japan and seen their star fade into oblivion due to injuries. Sad.

2.5 said...

rock! free WC!