Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Slow Times....

For his outstanding performance in the AFL, Yung-Chi Chen was added to the Mariners 40-man roster on Tuesday. The kid is one step closer to The Show.

There's not too much going on these days. I dug up some pics from past news to help pass the time. Check 'em out:

*Here's some pics (1 2 3) of Mariners signee Yao-Wen Chang's 2005 Pony League World Series Championship team. Album

-I believe this is Yao-Wen Chang's blog.

*The 2006 "AA" Asian Youth Championship squad featuring Yi-Hao Lin (Far R) and Rong-Hao Hsieh (#18). Team Pic Album *Updated

*Here's a link to a pic of the championship team (From Hsin-Ming Jr. HS) that represented Taiwan at the 2007 Kenko International Youth Gala in Italy. Album 1 2

*Here are some pics (1 & 2) of the 2007 Pony League World Series representatives from Taichung.

*Pics of the 2007 Junior NT during the Asian Championships in Taiwan.

2007 Junior NT in Joplin, Missouri


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