Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday News...

Taiwan's quarterfinal game against the Netherlands should be kicking off shortly. En-Yu Lin will be taking the mound against the European champions.

The regular season is over. Yung-Chi Chen finished in the league top 10 in BA.
*YC Chen's AFL stats
*CL Lo's AFL stats
*CL Hu's AFL stats

Olympic Qualifiers:
Wei-Lun Pan will not be on the NT in November. He will need some down time to rest an inflamed shoulder. More on the Korean NT's roster.

As mentioned by someone earlier, the Dodgers may be coming to Taiwan in March next year.


Anonymous said...

man im kind of disappointed. we just cant seem to score runs against european teams. The dutch starting pitcher played in the cpbl last season so i dont think it's because of different pitching styles. i thought Kuo Tai-yuan managed pretty well in pool play but i didn't get his decisions today. En-Yu Lin should have gone another inning given his pitch count and performance up to the point, and especially since our bullpen has been extremely erratic this world cup, even before today's game. Lin's pitches gave me the feeling and confidence that we would win the game. Putting Keng on with only a 1 run lead was horrible for my heart, i was sitting on the edge of my seat for every single one of his pitches. The same thing happened last time he played, you just don't know what to expect when he comes on. And finally i was pissed they intentionally walked vince rooi. Sure he hit a home run but that was against the last pitcher. it wasn't like Rooi was on a hot streak

2.5 said...

"Asia is widely considered as the major source for the next generation of top-flight baseball talent. And the upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament in Taiwan is shaping up as an audition for blue-chip prospects, who might spur the next round of the Asian invasion in Major League Baseball (MLB)."

yeah right. c'mon, let's not fool ourselves. The major source. I think Koreans speak in hyperboles.

tsong001 said...

lol... after reading the whole article I think the writer really meant to say: "KOREA is widely considered as the major source for next generation of top-flight baseball talent.(by who else but us KOREANS of course!) ...... who might spur the next round of the KOREAN invasion in Major League Baseball (MLB which we believe is saturated with KOREAN talents)"

They gotta lay off some of those Cool-Aid drinking?