Monday, August 18, 2008

9-8 Loss to South Korea....

Coach Hong's decision to start CF Yang will be questioned for quite some time. Despite 2 errors contributing to South Korea scoring 7 runs in the 1st, Yang gave up 4 ER on 5 hits (including a 3-run HR) in his inning of work. Even with Yang's shaky performance, the NT still managed to rally and tie the game at 8 in the 6th inning. SK C Min-Ho Kang would then drive in the GW run in the top of the 7th inning.

Leading the way offensively for the NT was 1B Chia Chia who was 4-5 with a double and 2 RBI's.


Chia Chia's 4 Hits:



Zack said...

I can't believe coach Hong started Yang over Chen wei-yin. Chen would have been pitching on regular rest does Hong not trust him? Another questionable decision was when he used catcher KAO Chih-Kang to pinch hit for YEH Chun-Chang who was 2 for 3 at the moment.

It was good to see our offense score some runs though. Hopefully we can keep that up.

I'm wondering what will happen if the US loses to either China or Japan and end up going 1 for 3. If taiwan then wins against the US and Canada there would be a three way tie. Wouldn't we then have the tiebreaker and advance?

2.5 said...

Something Coach Hong would have known had he had a sabermetrician at his elbow:

How a player does throughout the course of a season is a much better predictor of how well he's going to do in tournament situations, than his performance in one tournament situation before.

Maos said...

i seriously don't understand why kao is on the roster.

just because he hit that dinky little game winning hit 4 years ago doesnt mean is any good.

he's horrible defensively and pretty damn pathetic at the plate. :(

TTT said...

I'm not really sure why we can't develop a top-notch catcher - our best hopes for the future might be one of the 3 kids playing (or signed to play) in the US.

Zack, I'm not too sure about how the tiebreakers would work, but most of the news outlets have Taiwan eliminated from medal contention. But you're right about tying the US and Canada with the same record if the team records wins in its last 2 games (and the US loses to Japan).