Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Post-Olympic Amateur Prospect Positioning.....

There were three amateurs on the NT - all pitchers: Chia-Jen Lo, Kai-Wen Cheng, and Chen-Chang Lee.

One player def. helped himself with his performance in Beijing while two others potentially hurt their stock.

RHP Chen-Chang Lee
The side-armer reached 92 mph in his outing against the USA and flashed an above average slider to help boost his value in the tournament after living in oblivion over the past 2 years. He is currently with CSMG and has reportedly turned down a $150-175K offer ($90 K per another source) from the Indians before. Lee, who was once hyped by Keith Law as the top signable Taiwanese collegiate pitcher in 2007, has garnered little interest over the past 2 years due to poor performances but has rebounded now. His expectation is likely to reach ~ $300,000. The down-side to Lee is the fact that being a side-armer limits his potential somewhat and he hasn't had the best track record over the past 2 years. He also has a history of a shoulder injury as reported by the Taiwanese media. CC Lee's blog/album *edited/updated

RHP Chia-Jen Lo
The most sought-after prospect available on the team. His value dropped as a result of his performance during the Olympics. Velocity topped out at 93 mph but he had poor command of his fastball and poor breaking pitch offerings. Throw in his rumored demand of ~$400,000 and a possible history of a shoulder injury, his chances of signing with a MLB team are lower now than before the tourney. Word is that the Red Sox and Rangers have held off in their pursuit of him. Also the Twins made an offer to Lo prior to the Olympics which was turned down. That offer is now off the table. His agent is Kenny Lin, who broke off from KDN. CJ Lo's album/blog *edited

RHP Kai-Wen Cheng
His performance against Japan significantly dropped his value; he was lacking in a few key elements: composure on the mound, command of his pitches, and velocity on his fb. He is still young but because he is undersized, has average velocity, a subpar release angle, and history of a shoulder injury, the chances of him signing anytime soon are unlikely. In addition, his signing bonus demand is ~ $300,000. The Twins and Royals likely still have some interest but the offer would be very low. He is represented by Bros Sports. KW Cheng's album/blog

To wrap things up, all 3 pitchers are talented but also have a history of injuries and high signing bonus demands. If Lee and Lo do not sign anytime soon, then they will likely play in the CPBL. Cheng will continue on with college.


2.5 said...

so the Olympics exposed how much we stink?

TTT said...

The team has talent.....with all of the close games the NT lost, I think management has to be questioned on some of the decisions made (i.e. starting CF Yang against South Korea)

2.5 said...

well if 2/3 prospects hurt their stock, that's a negative statement about our talent.

BK said...

I saw this team on TV. They got beat by China, and didn't upset anyone. I think the coaching, pitching, and offense could improve. Seems like there are several other Taiwanese pitching in the US minor leagues. Where were they?

One game doesn't define any player's real ability, and those 2 pitchers who did poorly only pitched in one game each. Maybe they should go play in the US.