Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gold for South Korea....

Hats off to South Korea on a perfect run through the Olympic Games. SK beat Cuba in the gold medal match up 3-2. It's been quite a year for South Korean baseball - the juniors won the world championships not too long ago and some more marquee HS kids are making the jump to the US.

The US finished 3rd in the OG, beating Japan 8-4.

AAA - CL Hu is 2-5 as Vegas is tied at 6 in the 10th. He also has committed 2 errors in the game. Box

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2.5 said...

Congratulations to South Korea. Their gold is well deserved. I've never seen a people with more national pride (to the extent of banning Apollo Ohno from their country!). We can learn a thing or two from them.