Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1/13 Headlines.....

Si-Yo Wu has rejoined the La New Bears. He will make 200 K NT (~$6 K USD) a month. He will bolster a pitching staff that includes Chih-Chia Chang, Yu-Wei Hsu, Wen-Hsiung Hsu, and Ying-Feng Tsai.

Ni is officially a Tiger. He will report to the US in mid February to attend ST. MLB link

Tim Ireland, the former TML manager (with the Gida), has been hired as the Devil Rays Pac-Rim scouting coordinator and is making the rounds to high schools in Taiwan. He is also making an appearance on the Formosa TV network this week. He was responsible for the biggest signing in Taiwan's history when (as the Pac-Rim Scouting Coordinator for the Rockies) he helped the Colorado Rockies ink Chin-Hui Tsao for $2.2 million in 1999.

The Bulls have also recommended that lefty Ying-Chieh Lin withdraw his name from NT considerations, bringing the former 48-man preliminary roster number down to 40.
So with the 19th deadline to settle on a 45 man preliminary roster for the WBC looming, coach Yeh and staff have added 5 additional player to essentially finalize the 45 man preliminary NT roster. The 5 new additions are:

1)P Chi-Hung Cheng (Pirates)
2)P Chia-Chun Tang (amateur)
3)P Cheng-Lung Lo (amateur)
4)OF Ying-Chieh Liao (no affiliation)
5)OF Chuan-Chia Wang (no affiliation)

Aside from WL Pan and FH Liu, the Lions have agreed to let their other players be available for the NT. However, the Lions players will not be available to go to Australia - a key time for coach Yeh and his staff to make decisions on who will make the final cut.

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