Sunday, January 18, 2009

Promising Youngster Not Available for the WBC....

The NT lost a potential member when Nippon Ham Fighter IF Chung-Shou Yang withdrew his name from consideration for the team. Coach Yeh will not be able to add a replacement for Yang and will only be able to select from the 44 remaining players to field his final roster.

The 44 man roster will be officially announced on the 19th along with the provisional rosters of all of the other participating countries.

Rockies farmhand Ching-Lung Lo is a bit different from the rest of the players in the US. Lo is the only player currently without a rep (sports agent). Should he get the call to the majors, Lo will then seek assistance from an agent at that time.


The Bears and one of their top picks -RHP Po-Hsuan Keng are still negotiating a contract - the difference between the two sides is about 50 K NT/month (Bears offered 150 K NT/mo while Keng is seeking 200 K NT/mo).
The Bears other top pick OF Chih-Yao Chan, who is waiting to hear back from teams overseas, should have an answer for the team by the 20th of this month.

In a push to sign 2007 top pick Yi-Chuan Lin, the Sinon Bulls have agreed to let Lin play in the WBC even if he comes to an agreement with the team before then. Bulls 2008 pick Chien-Ming Chiang is also being allowed by the team to go to Australia next month (Lin was given the green light as well). The Bulls are one of two teams (along with the Bears) who have not allowed their players to participate in the WBC.

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