Monday, January 12, 2009

WBC News: From Bad to Worse......

No CMW, CFC, WY Chen, YC Chen, EY Lin, etc. leaves a gaping hole in the national team's roster. The NT will now also be without the services of Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-Lung Hu. Astros farmhand Chia-Jen Lo will also not be available for the WBC while the President Lions are requesting that P Wei-Lun Pan and OF Fu-Hao Liu be removed from the preliminary NT roster. So of the 48 players selected to the preliminary NT roster only 41 names remain.

An iota of good news? The newest member of a ML franchise - Fu-Te Ni will be allowed by the Tigers to participate in the WBC.

Hanshin Tigers 2008 first round pick YJ Hsiao will participate in the exhibition games going on in Australia. He hopes to match up against Ichiro in the WBC.

The CTBA will file a complaint to MLB regarding the fact that many teams refused to let their Taiwanese players participate in this tourney.

Pity coach Yeh for having his hands tied regarding the available talent pool for the WBC.


ChiayiHS seniors LHP Kuan-Ru(Ju) Chen and RHP/INF Hsin-Hao Huang will go to Japan for college (a division II college in Osaka). Several coaches/recruiters from Japan are currently in Taiwan recruiting/scouting graduating HS & junior HS players to get them to play baseball & attend school in Japan.

The Brother Elephants are giving Chin-Hui Tsao until the 20th of this month to decide if he will join the team that drafted him.

The NYY coaches have noted that the "catchers are not good defensively". The coaches were also pleasantly surprised by the size and potential of some of the kids - i.e. Nan-Ying P Chia-Hao Sung (6'1") and Ku-Pao P Shao-Ching Chiang (6'2") were both clocked at 85 mph.

CMW's charitable ways.


Maos said...

im on winter break in tw. i just read up on the bad news in the paper today.

come to think of it. who knows, maybe the current nt, despite the missing players, will surprise us.

TTT said...

Agreed, there's really no pressure on the NT now. It would be nice to see them make it out of the Asian bracket.