Friday, January 16, 2009

The Land Down Under....

The NT will be heading to Australia on Feb. 7th and will stay there till the 20th. On the 21st of Feb., coach Yeh and staff are expected to announce the final 28 man roster for the WBC.

27 of the 45 players selected for the preliminary NT will be heading to Australia. Those 27 are:

1)P Chi-Hung Cheng
2)P Chen-Chang Lee
3)P Sung-Wei Tseng
4)P Hong-Wen Chen
5)P Yu-Cheng Liao
6)P Kai-Wen Cheng
7)P Yu-Chi Hsiao
8)P Pai(Po)-Yu Lin
9)P Cheng-Lung Lo
10)P Chia-Chun Tang
11)P Po-Hsuan Keng
12)P Chien-Ming Chiang

13)C Cheng-Da Wu
14)C Yi-Feng Kuo
15)C Kun-Sheng Lin

16)IF Chih-Hsien Chiang
17)IF Yen-Wen Kuo
18)IF Tu-Hsuan Lee
19)IF Sheng-Wei Wang
20)IF Han Lin
21)IF Chih-Hsiang Huang
22)IF Yi-Chuan Lin

23)OF Che-Hsuan Lin
24)OF Chih-Yao Chan
25)OF Ssu-Chi Chou
26)OF Chuan-Chia Wang
27)OF Ying-Chieh Liao

Although no agreement has yet been reached between Tsao's reps and the Elephants, there is a good chance that Tsao will stay in Taiwan this year. With the stipulation from the Elephants that Tsao's monthly salary would not surpass Chia Chia's 400 K NT/month deal, Tsao would likely receive roughly ~ 350 K NT/month if he chooses to sign with the Elephants.


Former Bull: CH Chang

One player has been selected by a Japanese independent league (Shikoku-Kyushu Island League) after the tryout held in December. 24 year old catcher Cheng-Hsien Chang was chosen by the Kagawa Olive Guyners. He will join fellow Taiwanese players - Yao-Hua Yang (scroll down to the bottom - last player listed on the page) (with the Fukuoka Red Warblers) and Cheng-Da Wu (Kishu Rangers in the Kansai Independent League) in the Japanese independent leagues. Yang is the older brother of Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks IF Chung-Shou Yang.

The S-K Island League was respectful of the Taiwanese players who participated in the tryout but yet were selected in the CPBL "special draft", by not selecting those players. Some of those players included Wei-Ming Chu (Lions), Yu-Chan Liu (Elephants), Chao-Hao Tseng (Bears), Yi-Wei Lee (Bulls), & Ssu-Chi Chou (Elephants).


2.5 said...

this WBC team stinks.

TTT said...

To have almost all of your top players not available for the WBC is a HUGE disappointment for the fans.