Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ni in his Tigers Digs.....

Although nothing official has been released, the Liberty Times and Apple Daily have put up an estimate of what Ni received: a ~ $175 K signing bonus with an annual salary of $60 K. The amount of the signing bonus was not released per Ni's request.

The CPBL is getting some government assistance in upgrading the farm system for the 4 remaining teams.

The IBAF has ranked Taiwan in the top 5 of the world. The rankings are based on the overall strength of the country's baseball programs from top to bottom - beginning with the youth NT and ascending all the way up to the senior NT.


BC said...

Ni looks good in his Tigers uni.. I wish him the best! terror, u think he will be a reliever or starter in the MLB?

TTT said...

For the forseeable future - a reliever.