Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Roll Call.....

Participants (All kids are US equivalent HS sophomores or juniors) in the clinic put on by the Yankees:

1)Chi-Ming Deng C - Taitung PE HS
2)Chi-Chie Deng P - Taitung PE HS
3)Hong-Ru(Ju) Huang P - Taitung PE HS
4)Cheng-Kang Lu C - Tainan Marine Vocational HS
5)Yu-Tong Wang P - Tainan Marine Vocational HS
6)Han-Sheng Wang P - Tainan Marine Vocational HS
7)Shun-Yi Chen P - Xiu-Feng HS
8)Po-Yun Lin P - Xiu-Feng HS
9)Chi-Lung Hong C - Xiu-Feng HS
10)Lee-Chi Lin P - Shan-Hua HS
11)Chi-Hsuan Lin P - Shan-Hua HS
12)Wei-Ting Lai P - Ping-Tung HS
13)Ching-An Chang P - Ping-Tung HS
14)Kuan-Yi Wu C - Ping-Tung HS
15)Rui(Jui)-Hong Hsieh P - Yi-Feng HS
16)En-Hui Ma P - Yi-Feng HS
17)Chun-Yan Yu C - Yi-Feng HS
18)Chi-Ying Lai P - Qiang-Shu HS
19)Che-Chang Liu P - Qiang-Shu HS
20)Pai-Yi Wu C - Qiang-Shu HS
21)Chie-Chen Chu P - Cheng-Kung HS
22)Chun-Hua Chou P - Cheng-Kung HS
23)Che-Chi Huang P - Cheng-Kung HS
24)Si-Wei Lin P - Da-Cheng HS
25)Sheng-Yang Peng P - Da-Cheng HS
26)Wei-Tsung Su P - Da-Cheng HS
27)Pai-Hong Lee P - Shi-Yuan HS
28)Chiung-Heng Yeh P - Shi-Yuan HS
29)Yu-Shu Cheng C - Shi-Yuan HS
30)Chi-Hao Lin P - San-Min HS
31)Yi-Hsiang Lin P - San-Min HS
32)Ting-Lun Chang C - San-Min HS
33)Che-Wei Kao P - Gao-Nong HS
34)Cheng-Ru(Ju) Hsieh P - Gao-Nong HS
35)Yan-Lin Chen P - Gao-Nong HS
36)Wei-Chi Lin P - Ku-Pao HS
37)Shao-Ching Chiang P - Ku-Pao HS
38)Chi-Yu Lin P - Ku-Pao HS
39)Wei-En Sun P - Hualien PE HS
40)Chun-Chie Hsieh P - Hualien PE HS
41)Rui(Jui)-Yu Tseng C - Hualien PE HS
42)Ying-Hao Chuang C - Da-Li HS
43)Hong-Yeh Wang P - Da-Li HS
44)Chung-En Hsu P - Da-Li HS
45)Yu-Chan Huang C - Chang-Yi HS
46)Che-Sheng Hsu P - Chang-Yi HS
47)Yu-Hsiang Chou P - Chang-Yi HS
48)Chia-Hao Sung P - Nan-Ying HS
49)Tsung-Yi Chou P - Nan-Ying HS
50)Tien-Ting Lee P - Nan-Ying HS
51)Shi-Feng Hong P - Yang-Der HS
52)Ching-Hsuan Hsu P - Yang-Der HS
53)Pi-Lun Tsai C - Yang-Der HS

The Yankees, courtesy of the CTBA, get an opportunity to check out some of the top young pitchers out there in Taiwan all in one scoop.
Let's hope that the amateur talent pool improves as Rene Gayo in a recent interview with said that he saw no players (he was at the 2008 HS Wood Bat Tourney) with the ability to reach the major leagues - no major league qualif(t)y player.

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