Monday, June 08, 2009

2009 Junior NT Announced.......Yao-Lin Wang Update....

2009 AAA NT
1)Tien-Ting Lee (Tainan City)
2)Cheng-Han Tsai (Tainan City)
3)Sheng-Nan Chen (Kaohsiung County)
4)Kuo-Hua Lo (Kaoshiung City)
5)Yao-Lin Wang (Kaoshiung City)
6)Kao-Chen Chu (Taitung County)

1)Cheng-Ming Chen (Tainan City)
2)Shih-Hao Liu (Taichung City)
3)Shao-Ming Ke (Ko) (Taoyuan County)

1)Fu-Lin Kuo (Tainan City)
2)Ping-Chieh Chen (Tainan City)
3)Chien-Ting Feng (Tainan City)
4)Yu-Jen Chen (Kaohsiung City)
5)Yu-Te He (Ho) (Yilan County)


1)Keng-Hao Chang (Tainan City)
2)Tien-Wei Wang (Taipei City)
3)Tai-Yan Kuo (Taoyuan County)
4)Chih-Tang Pan (Taoyuan County)

Player locale breakdown (and corresponding finish in the Yu-Shan Cup):
7 - Tainan City (1)
3 - Kaohsiung City (2)
3 - Taoyuan County (3)
1 - Taitung County (4)
1 - Kaohsiung County (5)
1 - Yilan County (6)
1 - Taichung City (7)
1 - Taipei City (8)

* is reporting that the Chicago Cubs offered San-Hsin staff ace Yao-Lin Wang $250 K, a figure pretty close to the rumored $260 K offer from the Cubs. The Twins are also rumored to have offered $250 K. *Edited

*Nan-Ying speedster Ping-Chieh Chen is rumored to have a few offers of around $300 K.

*The New York Yankees are still pursuing Gao-Nong slugger Wei-Da Su.

*NT News:
The "Blue" squad defeated the "White" squad 9-2 on Monday. La New Bears minor leaguer Hung-Yu Lin cracked a 2-run home run (2-4, 3B, HR, 3 RBI) to lead the way for the blue squad.
Teammates - Bulls farmhand Jui-Mu Chen was 2-3 with 2 triples and 2 RBI, while Yen-Feng Lin threw 1 scoreless inning for the blue squad.


AAA - CL Hu 0-4 (8th inning)

AA - CJ Lo 1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 1 K, 0 BB's

A+ - CH Chiang 0-4 / CH Lin 1-3

A+ - KH Lo 1-1 (4th inning)

*Former Phillies farmhand Yen-Feng Lin is hoping to follow CH Cheng's path back to the US. Lin will work out for the Tigers, Pirates, Indians, and Twins.

CPBL Standings:

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