Friday, June 12, 2009

Cubs Sign Yao-Lin Wang.....

San-Hsin senior RHP Yao-Lin Wang becomes the first signing in '09 of an amateur player by a ML club. The Cubs inked Wang to a ~ $260 K signing bonus. The 18 year old (DOB: 2/5/91), who stands 5'11" and weighs 172 pounds has already passed his physical. He has been selected to this year's junior NT.

Wang is one of the hardest throwing HS pitchers on the island (clocked in the low 90's) and has represented the country in the past ('06 on the World Boys Baseball Tournament NT - that included teammate Wei-Da Su).

YLW's Album

*Word is that INF Ping-Chieh Chen has turned down a $300 K offer from the Cubs. The reason? He reportedly received pressure from his future college coach Hua-Wei Lin (forcing him not to sign).

*RHP Ming-Chie Lin will be attending Chinese Culture University and currently has no interest in playing pro baseball overseas.

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