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Amateur Player News...

May MVP's (stats from May):

Hitting: Yi-Chuan Lin (Bulls) .415 BA / 94 AB / 39 H / 5 HR / 23 RBI
Pitching: Aaron Rakers (Bears) 2 W - 1 L / 35.1 IP / 2.29 ERA / 22 K's / 7 BB's


*Agent Chien-Chen Chen's client RHP Yao-Lin Wang is getting interest from multiple teams including the Cubs and Twins.

*Bros client RHP Chun-Chen Chiang had a workout in front of scouts last week; he topped out at 91 and showed a feel for the changeup.

*Octagon clients: INF Fu-Lin Kuo reportedly recevied an offer of $30 K from the Twins, while INF Wei-Da Su was offered $20 K from the same team.

*RHP Ming-Chieh Lin has only topped out 86 mph in the tourney.

*The Elite Eight:

The final eight teams standing in the Yu-Shan Cup are striving not only to win the tourney, but also to represent the country in the junior "AAA" Asian championships to be held later this summer (August) in South Korea. The winning team will form the backbone of the NT roster.

Yu-Shan Cup Stats (Top 5):
1)Tsung-Hua Chan (Taichung County) .818
2)Yu-Te He (Ho) (Yilan County) .800
3)Ting-Lun Chang (Kaohsiung City) .750
4)Chia-Ching Lin (Taichung City) .750
5)Kuo-Lin Lo (Kaoshiung County) .667

1)Tien-Wei Wang (Taipei City) 1

1)Shao-Ming Ke (Ko) (Taoyuan County) 5
2)Chih-Tang Pan (Taoyuan County) 5
3)Wei-Chieh Chou (Taoyuan County) 4
4)Ting-Lun Chang (Kaohsiung City) 4
5)Pei-Hua Hu (Taitung County)

1)Tsung-Hua Chan (Taichung County) 9
2)Yu-Fan Tsai (Chiayi City) 7
3)Pei-Hua Hu (Taitung County) 7
4)Sheng-En Yang (Chiayi City) 7
5)Ting-Lun Chang (Kaohsiung City) 6

1)Hung-Wei Shih (Kaohsiung City) 4
2)Pei-Lun Yang (Taichung City) 3
3)Wen-Chih Tseng (Yilan County) 3
4)Chia-Ching Lin (Taichung City) 2
5)Chun-Hao Wu (Taipei City) 2

1)Yu-Te He (Ho) (Yilan County) .875
2)Chia-Ching Lin (Taichung City) .833
3)Tsung-Hua Chan (Taichung County) .818
4)Ting-Lun Chang (Kaohsiung City) .800
5)Wen-Chih Tseng (Yilan County) .750

1)Kao-Chen Chu (Taitung County) 1
2)Sheng-Nan Chen (Kaohsiung County) 1
3)Hsiang-Ying Wang (Taitung County) 1
4)Yao-Lin Wang (Kaohsiung City) 1
5)Meng-Chen Fan (Taichung City) 1

1)Sheng-Nan Chen (Kaohsiung County) 0.00
2)Yao-Lin Wang (Kaohsiung City) 0.00
3)Chi-Hao Lin (Kaohsiung City) 0.00
4)Meng-Chen Fan (Taichung City) 0.00
5)Chia-Wei Huang (Taitung County) 0.00

1)Sheng-Nan Chen (Kaohsiung County) 13
2)Yao-Lin Wang (Kaohsiung City) 11
3)Hsiang-Ying Wang (Taitung County) 8
4)Chi-Hao Lin (Kaohsiung City) 8
5)Kuan-Ju Chen (Chiayi County) 8

1)Kao-Chen Chu (Taitung County) 13.2
2)Sheng-Nan Chen (Kaohsiung County) 9.2
3)Shi-Ying Peng (Taoyuan County) 9
4)Yao-Lin Wang (Kaohsiung City) 9
5)Hsiang-Ying Wang (Taitung County) 9

1)Kao-Chen Chu (Taitung County) 1
2)Kuan-Hsun Chen (Chiayi City) 1
3)Cheng-Ting Ke (Ko) (Hsinchu County) 1
4)Che-Min Hsu (Yilan County) 1
5)Yu-Te He (Ho) (Yilan County) 1

*YW Kuo - looking good in BP

*CH Cheng 411: "Cheng doesn’t have the velocity to challenge hitters up in the zone, and Hillcats pitching coach Wally Whitehurst has repeatedly stressed that Cheng — and every Hillcat pitcher — attack the lower half of the zone.

“He’s got to understand who he is, and not what he thinks he is,” Whitehurst said. “Everybody likes to throw hard. Some people can and some people can’t. For the most part, he stays within himself and throws the ball down in the strike zone, and he produces a lot of weak swings. He needs to understand that and see that.”

Cheng hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts. His future in the rotation is uncertain — LHP Bryan Morris continues his rehab in Florida and should be back with the Hillcats soon, and the Pirates’ brass will likely want to see what Morris, a former first-round draft pick, can do in the rotation.

*Indians C Chun-Hsiu Chen has hit 8 HR's so far in XST and is batting around .300

AAA - CL Hu 1-4, 2B

AA - HW Chen L 2-5, 3 IP, 8 R - 7 ER, 11 H, 3 K's, 0 BB - 1 HR allowed

A+ - CH Chiang 1-3, 2 RBI, E #3 / CH Lin 0-4, BB

A+ - CC Lee 2 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 4 K's, 0 BB's

A+ - KH Lo 0-3, BB


HC Kuo Update

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