Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 Junior NT Preliminary Roster

In forming the 2007 junior NT, the CTBA has announced a training list that includes 36 young men at this time. The final roster (only 18 will be selected) will be chosen after July 8th.

Pitchers (14)
1)Hsien-Ting Peng

2)Che-Min Su

3)Rong-Hao Hsieh - 16 year old ace - clocked at 94 mph recently/on 2006 Youth NT

4)Kuan-Han Lin

5)Chia-Liang Hong

6)Kuo-Yu Lin

7)Shih-Chieh Hsu

8)Hao-Chun Chiu

9)Chih-Lung Huang - owner of a 93 mph fastball/on 2006 Junior NT

10)De-Jen Chen - although he only throws 84-85 mph, K'd 19 batters in a game during the Yu-Shan Cup

11)Han-Wei Yang

12)Keng-Hao Chang - future Nan-Ying ace?

13)Wen-Hao Cheng - throws hard > clocked at 92 mph

14)Hsin-De Chiang

Catchers (4)

1)Chia-Chu Chen - on 2006 Junior NT

2)Chun-Sheng Huang

3)Shao-Ming Ke

4)Ming-Hsun Wu

Infielders (10)

1)Po-Ting Hsiao - on 2005 Youth NT/2006 Junior NT

2)Wei-Ting Lin

3)Po-Yi Wu

4)Chih-Chiang Chang

5)Pin-Chieh Chen

6)Wei-Han Chen

7)Chih-Yuan Lian

8)Chia-Wei Yan

9)Yu-Si Huang

10)Chen-Yu Hong

Outfielders (8)

1)Shen-Kuo Feng

2)Jui-Hua Yang

3)Ming-Jen Hsieh

4)Shen-Chen Chen

5)Chia-Yang Chen

6)Yu-Hsin Chu - on 2006 Junior NT

7)Kuo-Lung Lo - Kuo-Hui Lo's lil bro

8)Pin-Wei Zhao

The final roster will then head to the US - Joplin, MO for a week in August - the 14th to the 22nd for continued training before competing in the 7th annual Asian Junior Baseball Championships in Taiwan August 25th through the 29th.

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