Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Rundown....

AA - Jacksonville won 12-5. Hu was 1-4 with his 10th SB of the season. Box

AA - Lo is in line to pick up his first victory since April! Lo pitched 5 innings, giving up 3 runs on 9 hits. Tulsa is winning 12-3 in the 8th inning. Box

Bears 6 - Whales 5: Game MVP - Bears OF Hao-Chu Tseng helped lead his team to an extra innings win over the Whales with a 3-5 /1 RBI performance at the plate. CFC DNP.

Chu-Kuan Lee picked up win #2 on the season for the Bucs on Sunday. Lee threw a 5 inning shutout, allowing 4 hits - he did have 4 K's, but also walked 4. The Bucs won 18-5. Box/PlaybyPlay

The Yanks announced the signing of 2 teenage kids from China today. This is an interesting move since the Yankees have been conspicuously absent in Taiwan recently - (John Cox, the Yanks former Pac-Rim Coordinator who signed Chien-Ming Wang in 2000 was fired last year).

The Mariners set the precedent (with signing Chinese players) when they signed 16 year old Chao Wang from China in 2001 (who has since then been released from the organization).


Anonymous said...

if baseball really takes off in china, i guess it's over for taiwan. :( better watch more cpbl while it's still competitive in asia

Anonymous said...

i doubt baseball will take off in china. look at how nfl pushed american football to europe, soccer here in the states, and previous attempts to get south america into baseball. i think unless china produces a super star, baseball will never be popular there.

Anonymous said...

yeah, China doesnt really have a history of liking baseball. Too many people there dont understand the game. Unless they produce a Yao Ming of baseball.... i dont think it'll happen

tsong001 said...

Even if baseball does take off in China, I don't believe it will be over for Taiwan. Taiwanese players have proven over and over again that they can play at the level to compete against top professional teams from Japan and Korea, not to mention the time they've defeated Cuba.

I see China's effort to promote baseball being nothing but a positive thing to Taiwan even they do produce high quality players. You get better in your game when you play others that are at least as good as your are or better. And if Taiwan is serious about developing high caliber player on its own soil, it will figure out ways stay in the competition. Beside, it's more fun when there are more competitions.