Saturday, June 09, 2007

Signing Day...Che-Hsuan Lin to Red Sox...+ Others...

Red Sox Ink Lin:

The Boston Red Sox inked recently graduated HS OF Che-Hsuan Lin to a signing bonus in the ball park of $375-400K. However, the coveted speedster is rumored to have turned down a more lucrative offer from the Mariners because he wanted to be in a Red Sox uniform and is eager to play in the US ASAP. Lin could have easily earned more $$$ had he come to the US and exhibited his skills in a showcase. Lin, who's been profiled before, reportedly has a 100M PB time of 10.78 - the kid can fly! The kid's upside is significant because he possesses so many + tools and is a well polished player for his age.
I've posted several highlight vids of Lin in the past, check here to see them again. Here's 2 new vids of Lin - taken when he was 15:
Link 1
Link 2

Other MLB Signing News:

Cubs: Chen(L) & Wen (R)

In addition to pitcher Hong-Wen Chen, the Cubs also signed another Taiwanese kid: 23 year old collegiate OF Chih-Hsiang Wen. Wen, who plays for Taipei Physical Education University, signed for $2,500 + additional money for college tuition. He stands 6'1", weighs 188 pounds, bats and throws righty. He has some power in his bat and has good speed, having run the 100M in 11.30 seconds. Not a household name, the kid has never played on any national squad for Taiwan - although he did graduate from the same junior HS as Chin-Hui Tsao -> Kuang Fu junior high in Hualien, before attending Taitung Agricultural Vocational HS. Wen was primarily a pitcher in HS.*Updated*


Dorasaga said...

Hi! I 'm a Taiwanese from Chicago. I 'm REALLY EXCITED of these two new additions to the Cubs farm. I'm also impressed by the speed of your update--even after you stopped for a while during your foreign trip.

How come you know these young prospects so well? Are you a scout or a reporter?

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I'm a fan just like you! :)

Anonymous said...

hello, this is a message from Taiwan, I personally know Wen very well, both of us like to know how did you know about his signing bouns. Because he likes to keep it a secret.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I won't disclose how I got that info, but please realize that Wen's info is available from MLB. His signing bonus would eventually become public anyway - so I just happened to report it early.
I wish Wen nothing but the best in his future pro career with the Cubs.

Cain Pan said...

Hello, I'm the one who left the message about Wen. According to Steve Wilson, the scout of Cubs, told Wen, there will be only the scout, the club, and Wen know about his signing bouns. If you get the information through internet, I'd like to know from which website. If you get this information from the scout, that means he said something he shouldn't say(cuz he has promised Wen not to tell anyone who is not necessary to know.) If you work in the league, get this info by your position, Wen'd like you to keep this a secret as long as possible. Since it's not on the official website or any place except for your blog.

Cain Pan said...

By the way, sorry if I sounds unfriendly, I'm not trying to start a fight or something, me and Wen just want to know where you get this information, that all. Hope you won't feel upset.

Anonymous said...

Scouts from other MLB teams get to know the signing bonus amount information of each domestic and international player signed by different MLB organizations. MLB always releases signing bonus information to every MLB team. It is not hard to find out the signing bonus amount from MLB international office either. There is no way you can keep it as a secret.