Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wang Earns a ND...

Chien-Ming Wang had difficulty finding the strike zone on Sat. versus the Giants and ended up with a ND after relievers Myers and Bruney were unable to hold on to a 4-3 lead in the 7th inning. Wang was partly to blame as well - entering the 7th inning with a 4-2 lead - he allowed a solo HR and a single before being pulled. Of the 86 pitches Wang threw, only 46 were called strikes. Wang pitched 6.1 innings, allowing 4 runs on 6 hits - he had 2 walks and 0 K's. The Giants would eventually come out on top with a 6-5 win that lasted 13 innings. The ND snaps Wang's 4 game win-streak. Box/Recap

-Here's a link to some pics taken from yesterday's game between the GCL Red Sox and Twins. The players featured are Wang-Wei and Che-Hsuan Lin.

-Po-Yu Lin's comments on his victory yesterday.

A - Chiang was 1-4 with his 4th HR of the season. Greenville won 7-2. Box

A - Wisky won 5-2. Lo was 2-4 with a triple and a RBI. Box

AA - Jacksonville won 5-2. Hu was 0-4. Box

The Tigers lost 6-4. Lin faced off against Fighters ace Yu Darvish and struggled - K'ing 3 times. Lin was 1-5 in the game. Box

Yang was 0-5 in his nigun game.

Lions 8 - Bears 5: Wu-Hsiung Pan earned game MVP honors for the Lions as he drove in 3 runs while going 2-5 at the plate. The offensive star for the Bears was Long-Yi Huang, who hit his 4th HR of the season and was 3-4 with 4 RBI's. CFC was 3-3 on the night.


Eric said...

sounds like lin ww is a real nice kid

Anonymous said...

Wang didn't have his best stuff yesterday but still had a chance to win. I've seen Myers blow game after game for Wang and the Yankee bullpen in general is very weak.

So, after all the buzz about how many Wang fans would show up waving flags at Pac Bell, I only saw one of two. The game was broadcasted by Fox and they didn't really show anybody. I know Fox (since it's owned by Murdoch) is very pro China so maybe it has something to do with not showing any Taiwanese supporters? I don't know, maybe I'm just thinking too much.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I think there were a lot of Taiwanese fans at the game, but like u said, there wasn't too much airtime given to Wang's supporters. Here's a good photo of some proud flag-waving fans at the game:

2.5 said...

I live in DC now, but my dad said there were 3K+ Taiwanese at the game.