Saturday, July 07, 2007

2007 Midseason Roundup - NPB

With the MLB All-Star Break coming up, let's take a look at how the players in Japan are doing midway through the summer.

NPB: (
All stats through July 7th, 2007)
1)Wei-Chu Lin: 237 AB's/.312 BA (7th in CL)/10 2B/12 HR's (10th in CL)/33 RBI's/1 SB/14 BB

2)Chung-Shou Yang: 66 AB's/.197 BA/5 2B/2 3B/4 RBI's/1 SB/1 BB
nigun - 100 AB's/.310 BA/7 2B/1 3B/3 HR's/10 RBI's/5 SB's/5 BB's

3)Ping-Yen Lee:No appearances with parent club
nigun - 25 AB's/.360 BA/2 2B/1 HR/4 RBI's/3 BB's

4)En-Yu Lin: 1W-2L/3.42 ERA/23.2 IP/14 K's/10 BB
nigun: 0W-0L/2.70 ERA/10 IP/4 K's/3 BB

5)Ying-Chieh Lin: 0W-0L/1.80 ERA/5 IP/3 K's/2 BB
nigun: 2W-6L/5.21 ERA/46.2 IP/31 K's/17 BB

6)Chien-Ming Chiang: 1W-4L/4.64 ERA/33 IP/21 K's/12 BB
nigun: 1W-1L/3.42 ERA/23.2 IP/21 K's/4 BB

7)Ming-Chieh Hsu: 0W-0L/1.80 ERA/5 IP/2 K's/1 BB
nigun: 2W-2L/5.73 ERA/22 IP/12 K's/6 BB

8)Si-Yo Wu:No appearances with parent club
nigun: 2W - 2L/6.61 ERA/31.1 IP/17 K's/14 BB

9)Yao-Hsun Yang: No appearances in 2007

10)Yi-Hao Lin: No appearances in 2007

11)Wei-Yin Chen: Recovering from injury in 2007

-Photos from respective NPB official team sites

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