Saturday, September 02, 2006

AA National Team.....

Taiwan's "AA" - (16 and under) NT is competing in the Asian Youth Baseball Championships going on in Indonesia right now.

1)Yi-Hao Lin
2)Rong-Hao Hsieh

3)Chi Chuan
4)Yi-Shan Deng
5)Sheng-Chih Yang
6)Wei-Yu Lai
1)Shih-Hao Liu
2)Ming-Yan Gan
1)Sheng-Po Yu
2)Kai-Wen Wang
3)Tse-Wei Gong
4)Yi-Ren Lin
5)Fu-Lin Kuo
6)Ho Lin
1)Chun-Leung Lin
2)Chih-Wei Shih
3)Yong-Rung Lee
4)Yan-Lin Nan

Expectations for the team are high as the team is headlined by an extremely talented pitching staff (see above).

Representing group "B", Taiwan is grouped with 3 other teams: South Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In group "A", Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia round out the rest of the field.

Taiwan plays:
9/4 vs. Thailand
9/5 vs. the Philippines
9/6 vs. South Korea

The top 2 teams from each bracket advance to the semifinals on 9/8. Winners of the semifinals meet in the championship game on 9/9.


Anonymous said...

I hope our AA national team is able to win the championship. I cant wait to see how Lin pitches!

Also, good to hear Kuo did pretty well for his first game back in mlb.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

We have a pretty good chance of defending our "AA" title - the pitching talent is outstanding.