Wednesday, November 05, 2008

'08 CPBL Awards....

CPBL Award Winners:

MIP/ERA Leader: Yu-Cheng Liao (L)
ROY: Chi-Wei Lin (R)

League MVP: Mike Johnson (Bears)

Most Improved Player: Yu-Cheng Liao (Elephants)

Rookie of the Year: Chi-Wei Lin (Bulls)

Gold Glovers:
P - Kobayashi Ryokan (Elephants)

C - Yi-Feng Kuo (Elephants)

1B - Cheng-Min Peng (Elephants)

2B - Hung-Sen Chu (Elephants)

3B - Chih-Wei Shih (Bears)

SS - Sheng-Wei Wang (Elephants)

OF - Long-Yi Huang (Bears)

OF - Cheng-Wei Huang (Elephants)

OF - Fu-Hao Liu (Lions)

Best at Each Position:
P - Mike Johnson (Bears)

C - Yi-Feng Kuo (Elephants)

1B - Cheng-Min Peng (Elephants)

2B - Sen Yang (Lions)

3B - Tilson Brito (Lions)

SS - Chih-Sheng Lin (Bears)

OF - Wu-Hsiung Pan (Lions)

OF - Long-Yi Huang (Bears)

OF - Ssu-Chi Chou (T-Rex)

DH - Chin-Feng Chen (Bears)

CPBL - Bears vs. Giants:
Yi-Hao Lin & Yu-Hung Lee on far right

The Yomiuri Giants nigun team is in Taiwan. The team will play the Bears starting tomorrow.

Contrary to what was reported earlier, Chih-Hsiang Wen will not attend college in the US. He'll either serve in the military or make himself available for the CPBL draft.

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