Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LA Workout......

*There will be 5 players total coming to LA for a workout in front of ML teams. The workout will now take place in early December.

Four have already been mentioned before (1 2 3). The players are:
1)OF Ming-Shie Chen
2)C Kun-Sheng Lin
3)P Chia-Rui Mai
4)OF Chih-Yao Chan

The fifth player coming to the US is RHP Wan-Lin Tsai.

Representing the players is Ray Poitevint (formely of the White Sox) of Seven Figures Management (the company which helped propel the two kids from India to get signed with the Pirates), who has also received assistance from his contact in Taiwan - Samuel Fu. Those two helped sign RHP Po-Yu Lin for $300 K a few years back (Ray worked for the White Sox at the time and Samuel was Lin's agent then - also Poitevint used to be the head of IBB, and both Adam Chang & Samuel Fu worked under him in IBB). Lin has since been released from the organization.

*Current Fubon Bulls RHP Hsin-Hong Tsai is still experiencing elbow pain and will likely have elbow surgery soon in Kaohsiung.

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I.S.A said...

please be kindly advised that IBB/adam chang are no longer working in taiwan market. WE(I.S.A) are representing all the players in the client list showed in your blog. thanks jason huang