Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lions Move on to the Championship Game!

Asia Series:

FH Liu

Well, the President Lions finally got over the hump and managed to defeat the SK Wyverns 10-4 behind 4 home runs (2 3-run shots from FH Liu, 1 each from Chih-Kang Kao & Lien-Hung Chen), Fu-Hao Liu's 6 RBI, and Yueh-Ping Lin's strong start. Lin allowed 3 runs on 6 hits over 7 IP (6 K's, 1 BB) to pick up the W. He topped out at 92 mph today.*Updated
Box (in Japanese)

The President Lions will get their rematch with the Seibu Lions tomorrow in the championship game. Jiayo!

Speaking of the Seibu squad, they beat the Tianjin Lions 16-2 in a 7 inning game on Saturday. MC Hsu started and allowed 2 runs on 4 hits in 2.1 IP (4 K's, 0 BB's).

4th Inning Scoring Highlights (Lions Scored 5 on Sen Yang's game-tying RBI, followed by Fu-Hao Liu's 3-run blast, then Chih-Kang Kao's solo back-to-back shot):


BC said...

hey terror, how come Seibu and not the SK Yverns make it to the finals? Is it because Seibu is the hometeam? because the SK Yverns beat the Seibu Lions didnt they?

TTT said...

I believe the tie-breaker is based on the two teams that conceded the least amount of runs: that being Seibu (7 RA) and the P. Lions (10 RA). The Wyverns allowed 13 runs total - so the offensive outburst by the P. Lions as well as the pitching staff holding the opposition to 4 runs were they keys to advancing today.

BC said...

watched the game... a controversial win for seibu lions. with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th, batter for Seibu had 2 strikes and swung at a breaking ball. He stopped midway through his swing but it looked like a strike to me. catcher for the unilions thought it was a K and started going towards the dugout. Ump called it a ball and said that he didnt break his swing. next pitch, same thing happens again and the catcher heads to the dugout after thinking it was a strike and then the ump calls it ball again. This one looked to me like a strike as well. after 2 balls that should have been strikes(if they had counted the 1st it woulve been a K) the batter finally gets walked and the next batter hits a single into outfield to bring him home. Really shameless. If you can find footage, you should check it out. the coaches of the Unilions didnt look too happy after Seibu won. he had that looked that he totally just got gypped. I'll be surprised if he doesnt file a complaint against the umpire that was calling it.

TTT said...

Thanks again for the update...will have to find a vid of that 9th inning.

CJB said...

The first of the two calls--the pitch low and away, was questionable but could have gone either way. Ishii's check swing, however, was pretty obviously a blown call and would have been strike three. He went around.

TTT said...

A tough way to lose the ball game.