Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More News Briefs (Continued)....

*As reported by the Liberty Times, OF Min-Tzu Chen is still scheduled to come to LA in late November. He will also be joined by fellow IBB client C Kun-Sheng Lin. RHP Ying-Shan Wang is now scheduled to come to the US in January of next year.

*In an effort to change IF Yi-Chuan Lin's mind, the Sinon Bulls are preparing to offer him a 4 to 4.5 million NT signing bonus ($120 K - $135 K USD). The Bulls failed to sign their other top pick from last year, OF Ying-Chieh Liao (the team's #2 pick behind YC Lin) despite offering him 2.5 million NT (Liao was seeking 5 million NT). Liao will return to playing amateur ball. The highest signing bonus given by the Bulls to a player was to P Chung-Nan Tsai (6 million NT), the 2002 CPBL ROY.

*With the worst overall record in the CPBL this past season, the Sinon Bulls are expecting to get the top pick in the "special" draft. The Bulls choices for their top pick? OF/1B Chia-Hsien Hsieh and LHP Fu-Te Ni

*Some big Taiwanese corporations (including the Chinatrust Commercial Bank) are considering investing in a professional baseball league in China. The league would include some Taiwanese players in the mix as well.

*Chih-Yuan Chen of the Elephants is going to undergo right elbow surgery to remove some loose bone chips.

*The Kuan-Huai Cup is about to get underway. The tourney involves players/teams of aboriginal descent and will be played at elementary, JR HS, and HS age-levels.

*21 overseas/former overseas players are scheduled to participate in a one week training session for the WBC which will take place 12/1st - 7th. Expected to participate are: Yung-Chi Chen, Kuo-Hui Lo, Che-Hsuan Lin, Chen-Chang Lee, Chien-Ming Chiang, Po-Hsuan Keng, Chih-Hsien Chiang, Yen-Wen Kuo, Sung-Wei Tseng, Chi-Hung Cheng, Hong-Wen Chen, Sheng-An Kuo, Yen-Feng Lin, Po-Yu Lin, Wang-Wei Lin, Chih-Hsiang Huang, Wang-Yi Lin, Chen-En Hong, Tzu-Kai Chiu, Chun-Hsiu Chen, & Chao-Ting Tang.
Players NOT expected be there include most of the big names: CMW, HC Kuo, CH Tsao, CL Hu, SY Wu, EY Lin, YJ Hsiao, CS Yang, WC Lin.
A 45-man preliminary NT roster is expected to be announced on December 22nd, while the final 28 man roster will be chosen in early January.

*In the Hsieh-Hui Cup, Taiwan Beer won 3-1 today and with the win, has sewn up the top spot in their group. The team is guaranteed a spot in the semifinals that begin on Friday (11/21). In the day's other game, the Fubon Bulls beat Chiayi University 6-5 to keep their hopes alive for a place in the semifinals. Hsin-Hong Tsai and Ying-Shan Wang both pitched for the Bulls in the 9th inning.

*More news from the Taipei Times (1 2)

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does that mean...or biggest names probably won't be participating? That would totally stink. I've been looking forward to this for three years.