Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 Ta-Tung Cup Player Notes....

Some observations regarding this HS tournament:

Kao-Yuan won the championship game.
EWC's own JB at the tourney.*Updated

Several of the more heralded players had very disappointing showings and saw their stock fall a bit after this tourney:

INF Fu-Lin Kuo--his father and agent Kelvin Lee had been seeking $250-300 K; he showed no average tool at all, batting less than .200 in the tournament with no power, and struggled mightily against mediocre pitching; one international scouting director commented that at most, FL Kuo is worth a couple thousand dollars!

2B Ping-Chieh Chen--Bros Sports had raised his asking price to $300 K after an outstanding performance in the December Wood Bat Tourney. But like FL Kuo, Chen also struggled against mediocre pitching, batting less than .200 in the tourney. He still showed good running speed but demonstrated why his bat is questionable and inconsistent. A couple of teams came just to see him but he certainly disappointed the teams big time.

RHP Chia-Ming Huang--he's got all the potential in the world with his size, smooth delivery and decent makeup but he seems to have lost his velocity since last fall; he had one short outing in which he topped out at 86 mph. He's still only 17 but his time is running out if he wants to get signed after high school.

LHP Kuan-Yu Chen--he's lost 25 kg over the past 6 months and now weighs only 70 kg! Some have suggested that he has a medical condition that is unknown to the public at this time which has yet to be confirmed but this is quite concerning. His velocity is also significantly down while his command and breaking pitches aren't as sharp as before.

-Player that saw his stock rise--none other than INF Wei-Da Su; he hit .700 in the tournament showing a good stroke and demonstrating why he was the #1 positional prospect coming into high school. However the issues with him are still unresolved - there's the unstable family background, not playing all out at times (especially his base-running skills), and lacking a defensive position. The NYY might certainly increase their offer through scout Ken Su but will Su's father actually sign without seeing cash in front of him?

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