Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Super Sunday......

First off, a happy belated Chinese New Year to all who celebrate the joyous event.

I apologize for my lengthy absence but technical difficulties and other personal commitments have kept me away from posting.

Anyways, here's a recap of some of the more recent news to help pass these slow times.

*The President Lions and Brother Elephants have decided to cancel their trip to Shanghai, China in March. The two teams who were scheduled to play a few warm up matches there were forced to forgo their trip because of insufficient funds.

*Righty Kai-Wen Cheng is going to try out with the Hanshin Tigers of the NPB.

*En-Yu Lin is rehabbing his shoulder, getting ready for the upcoming season. EY Lin is scheduled to begin the year with the nigun team. YJ Hsiao is also expected to start the season there. MC Hsu, WC Lin, and CS Yang should begin ST with the parent club.

*The NT in Australia: News
Red Sox farmhand Wang-Yi Lin is training with the NT in Taiwan.

*Che-Hsuan Lin and Chih-Hsien Chiang receiving some love from
Brief note on HW Chen

*OF Chih-Yao Chan signed with the La New Bears. He received a 3 million NT ($89 K USD) signing bonus and will earn 120 K NT/month ($3,500 USD). He can also earn an additional $30 K USD in performance incentives.

*Lions slugger Tilson Brito will not be returning to the team this year due to personal reasons.


2.5 said...

what is a bulldog? (HW Chen)

TTT said...

Hopefully they're not referring to his stature, but rather his demeanor on the mound.