Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2/10 News.....

*The NT lost 9-2 to Team USA (Western Australia) on Tuesday. The team racked up 11 hits in the loss - leading the way were:

Che-Hsuan Lin 2-4, BB, 2B
Chih-Hsien Chiang 1-4, BB, 2B, RBI
Yi-Chuan Lin 2-3, BB
Yen-Wen Kuo 2-4

The pitching staff didn't fare so well, allowing 9 runs on 14 hits. Starter Hong-Wen Chen was clocked at 93 mph.

Box Score/Play-By-Play

RHP Po-Yu Lin is expected to start tomorrow's game.

*Excerpts from's recent profile/scouting report/outlook on Yung-Chi Chen:

By Melissa Lockard

"*He doesn’t walk a lot, but he has excellent bat control, striking only 211 times throughout his career.
*Chen isn’t much of a hitter for power, however. He tends to slap the ball into the gaps and look to go the other way.
*At second, Chen has rated as an average defender.
*Chen has above-average speed and good instincts on the base-paths.
*The A’s may carry two back-up infielders on their Opening Day roster rather than the standard one. That would represent Chen’s best opportunity to make the team out of spring training.

Chen will have plenty of competition for one of those spots, however. In addition to Chen, Crosby and Hannahan, the A’s will have Gregorio Petit, Cliff Pennington, Eric Patterson, Jeff Baisley and Joe Dillon in camp competing for a spot on the roster as middle or back-up infielders. In addition, the A’s will have prospects Corey Wimberly (recently acquired from Colorado) and Adrian Cardenas in camp looking for reps in the middle infield.
*The A’s will most likely be looking for a back-up infielder that is better than average and versatile defensively, handles the bat well and can steal a base or two. When healthy, Chen meets most of those criteria, but he will need his health to have any shot of breaking camp with the big league club."


Toto said...

Hi, Really thank you for the news about Chunghuatei in Australia. I can not read Chinese. So, I appreciate your blog written in English. I will go to Tokyo Dome and support them!

Maos said...

unfortunately, they lost the 2nd game as well.

lin yi chuan hit a homer though so i guess that's some good news.

pitchingwise CT needs a lot of work. chiang jian ming really isnt what he used to be anymore...

TTT said...

Toto, thanks for the kind words.....feel free to share some pics of the WBC.

Thanks for the update Maos. The lack of quality pitching depth on the NT will be amplified with the pitch count limitations in the tourney.