Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday News Roundup....

*The Chinese WBC team is training at ML complexes in Florida.

*Due to a lack of support from the school board, the Chung-Dao HS baseball program will disband. The school has produced two players of interest just this year.
Taichung Agricultural HS lost its outside funding as well.

*The La New minor league manager who scouted the Ta-Tung Cup said that he didn't see any talent that stood out: very few pitchers hit the 140 kph mark. He thinks that the use of wood bats is not good because hitters are weak & can't hit for power, so pitchers don't need to throw hard, rather they can just get by with command & breaking stuff.

*Kao-Yuan's 2-0 victory over Gao-Nong in the Ta-Tung championship game was keyed by starting pitcher Hang-Yu Lin. Lin allowed only 1 hit (to Chin-De Chang) over 7 innings, to go along with 6 K's. Reliever Chao-Wei Yu would combine with Lin to pitch a 1 hit shutout.

Nan-Ying earned third place after starter Tien-Ting Lee threw a CG, allowing 5 hits while leading his team to a 6-1 win over Ku-Pao.

*Chen-Chang Lee is expected to start today's game against the Australian NT. Righty Yi-Jie Hsiao is in Australia now.

*Nice read on CMW.
Another one.
And last but not least.

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2.5 said...

So a feeder school just disbanded its baseball program. As if we needed more bad news. Goodness I am bearish on the future of baseball in Taiwan.