Friday, February 06, 2009

Thursday News and Notes....

OF Chih-Yao Chan is likely to be the lead off hitter for the team.

INF Po-Ting Hsiao tweaked his left ankle during the intrasquad game.

Intrasquad game notes -
CF CH Lin 0-2, INF YW Kuo, CH Chiang, CH Huang all had hits, Chiang doubled off the wall

RHP SW Tseng was clocked at 89 mph, he threw 31 pitches total

RHP PH Keng has now changed his arm slot to low 3/4, he topped out at 87 mph - avg 86 mph, he threw 43 pitches total

RHP WY Lin topped out at 88 mph - avg 86mph, he threw 40 pitches, gave up 3 hits against 15 hitters, induced 3 DP

RHP CC Lee topped out at 92 mph, avg 89-90 mph, he threw 35 pitches

LHP Yu-Chi Hsiao topped out at 83 mph

-UDN is reporting that Joe Torre was strongly critical of CMW in his new book.

-Hanshin reportedly made a 30 million yen (~ $329 K USD) offer to KW Cheng; his agent is looking for 40 million yen (~ $438 K USD). That initial offer is significantly higher than what Cheng was offered by ML teams (estimated at $150 K USD).


Anonymous said...

hey TTT, do you have a link to the UDN's news report on Torre being "strongly critical" of CMW?

TTT said...

I think it's this one: