Monday, February 23, 2009

NT Defeats Elephants....

In its first warm up match on home soil, the NT defeated the Brother Elephants 6-1 on Monday. NT starter Chen-Chang Lee threw 5 innings, allowing 1 unearned run and K'ing 5. He was clocked at a high of 94 mph and received high praise from Coach Yeh, who considers Lee the best pitcher on the NT right now. Lee combined with relievers Chi-Hung Cheng, Yueh-Ping Lin, Chia-Jen Lo, and Sung-Wei Tseng to 4 hit the Elephants. CJ Lo hit a high of 95 mph, but had some command issues.
3B Yi-Chuan Lin was 3-5 offensively for the NT. Tai-Chi Kuo had 2 hits and drove in 2 runs.
Chia-Chia sat the game out as an injury precaution.

Hong-Wen Chen will start tomorrow's game against the Lions.

NT OF candidate Ssu-Chi Chou who injured his hand while training in Australia, was discovered to have a broken bone in the same hand. Chou had surgery on his hand and will be out at least 6 months.

*CL Hu had an infield hit in an intrasquad game on Monday.

Easy-does-it for Kuo. He's not scheduled to pitch till March.

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