Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Last Amigo Signed?

There were 3 amateur players on the 2008 Olympic NT roster. Two of the three were signed by ML teams. The last of the three amigos, Kai-Wen Cheng is believed to be a done deal to the Hanshin Tigers. There is a purported mutual agreement between the two parties, however the two sides (Bros/Cheng and Tigers) haven't agreed upon the dollar amount. Word is the actual initial offer made by the Hanshin Tigers is closer to $250 K.

*EWC's JB with a nice write up on the aluminum bat tourney in Taiwan.
The 15 year old anonymous kid that JB is referring to is none other than Nan-Ying first year RHP Chia-Hao Sung. The kid, who stands 6'0" and will turn 16 later this year, can reach 87 but sits comfortably at 83-85 mph. One concern with Sung is perhaps the lack of perceived development/progress. He was able to hit 87 mph as a 14 year old!

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