Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Asian Champs!!


CL HUANG - #1!

Chih-Lung Huang has had one helluva summer - after dominating at the Palomino World Series & throwing well in Joplin, MO, Huang can now add the 2007 Asian Junior Baseball Championship to his impressive resume. CL Huang threw a CG 1-hit shutout, K'd 12, and was clocked at 94-95 mph against South Korea (Taiwan won 1-0) on Wednesday to help Taiwan win the 2007 tourney in impressive fashion - in 5 games played the pitching staff was exceptional: 0 runs allowed, 3 hits total given up. With the win, Huang was able to eradicate memories of last year where he basically shut down the Korean bats in Cuba, but unfortunately ended up losing 1-0 to the eventual 2006 World Junior Baseball Champs. For his phenomenal effort, Huang was voted MVP of the tourney. Taiwan finished 3rd in the last Asian Junior Championships in 2005 and last won the Asian AAA Championships in 2001. Congrats to the kids on a job well done!!! As for what's next for Huang, he says he wants to play first in the NPB and then eventually give the US a shot.

A ss - Lowell lost 8-2. CH Lin was 2-4 with a double and his 2nd SB at Lowell - he was also CS. Box

A ss - Williamsport won 6-4. YF Lin gave up a run in 2/3 of an inning. Box

A - Wisky lost 6-3. KH Lo was 2-5, but was CS twice in his attempt at reaching the 30 SB mark - he also committed error #8 on the season. Box

AAA - Vegas is up 4-1 in the 5th. Hu is currently 1-2 with a RBI. Box

Hsu pitched the last 2/3 of the 10th inning as his club lost 6-3. Box

Wei-Chu Lin has an inflamed right shoulder and will be out for a week to 10 days.

Elephants 9 - Bears 6: Chih-Yuan Chen is back! The OF and game MVP hit his 1st HR of the season and had a huge night at the plate; he was 4-5 with 2 doubles and 6 RBI's! Chen spent most of the season recovering from surgery. Chen's teammate Chia-Chia was 2-4 with a double. For the Bears, Chih-Sheng Lin hit HR #15 (he was 1-2) while CFC was 1-4 with a RBI.

Cobras 10 - Whales 0: Chia-Hung Chen threw 6 shutout innings as he won his 4th game of the season. Chen - the game MVP struck out 5, walked 2, and allowed only 4 hits in game. DH Hung-Yuan Lin hit HR # 11 (he was 2-4) and 1B Chuan-Chia Wang was 2-5 with a double and 3 RBI's.

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Anonymous said...

any links to the results of the whole tourney or any stats you could link me to??? Thnx in advance

BTY, Wang pitches tomorrow against a 0-2 Redsox as they lost today with Beckett on the mound.

tsong001 said...

Chien-Ming Wang pitched a gem this afternoon! giving up only 1 hit and 0 run over 7 innings of work although he walked 4 batters, he also had 5 K's. His record improves to 16-6 as the Yankee swept the BoSox in a 3-game series. It's nice to see him getting his confidence back on the mound! Another solid season already for Wang if you ask me. Let's hope he can break 20? :)

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

No links/stats available - if I had them, it would be posted.

Thanks for the update - Wang has as good a chance as anybody to win 20.

Anonymous said...

Why would Huang wants to go NPB? The way coaches abusing pitcher by allowing them throwing 100+ pitches and expect them to hurl a CG half of the time is insane, not to mention altering their pitching motion as soon as they gets there (see YC Lin, EY Lin, SY Wu for example), he will only decline in his time there like CC Chang, CM Chiang.

The only reason he is heading to NPB is because no MLB teams willing to give him a chance with his 5'8" height.

2.5 said...

"The only reason he is heading to NPB is because no MLB teams willing to give him a chance with his 5'8" height."

A's might, but I don't think they recruit in Asia.

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what I was thinking. NPB doesnt treat their pitchers well. Neither do we really. Huang is one of the top young talents(pitchers) in Taiwan and Asia. I'd really like to see him try to go MLB cuz like someone pointed out earlier, once pitchers go to NPB...they only get worse while they are there. I think MLB should give him a chance...hes got the heat!

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

I'm pretty sure that there are MLB teams interested in signing Huang, the biggest barrier is probably going to be the discrepancy in his asking price and what teams are willing to pay. Also, the upside for a 5'8" kid isn't going to be very high, unless your name is "Flash" Gordon and can chuck a 98 mph fastball.

Despite being vertically challenged, Huang's competitive nature and production on the mound can't be questioned. I hope he gets a shot overseas somewhere.