Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elusive Win # 14....

CMW picked up win #14 today against the Detroit Tigers. Although he was inconsistent at times (see the 5th inning), it was a step in the right direction after his last two outings. Wang allowed 3 runs on 9 hits over 6 IP - he also had 6 K's, 2 walks, 2 WP's, and a balk. Box/Recap

*Taiwan defeated the Netherlands 11-1 on Sunday at the LLWS behind some solid hitting and pitching and a litany of errors committed by the other team. The two best pitchers on the team are also the two best batsmen on the team - Yi-Chuan Chen and Chao-Min Wang collected 5 of the team's 11 hits and drove in 4 of the runs collectively. Box Score/Game Recap/Post Game Interview
Taiwan will play Mexico at 5:00 PM Pacific tomorrow on ESPN2 - the winner of the game will advance to the International Semis - while the loser goes home. Because of LL rules, Chao-Min Wang will not be available tomorrow, so Yi-Chuan Chen is almost assured to start tomorrow's elimination game. JIAYO!

*Here's the Box Score, Game Log, and Game Recap from last night's game between the US and Taiwanese junior NT's. CC Chen continues to swing a hot bat this summer- he was the team's best hitter at the Palomino World Series. The ace of the PWS team Chih-Lung Huang made an appearance in last night's game. Although he wasn't dominant, keep in mind that he started and won against the Premier All-Stars on Thursday - where he allowed 1 run on 2 hits over 6 IP while K'ing 6. Rong-Hao Hsieh, the consensus top Taiwanese HS player in next year's graduating class, also appeared in yesterday's game and didn't fare that well - he reportedly topped out at 88 mph yesterday. However, Hsieh also threw on Thursday against the Canadian junior NT - where he allowed 1 run on 1 hit over 5 IP - while K'ing 5. The team played the Premier All-Star team today.

The Tigers lost 3-0. WC Lin was 0-4. Box

The Fighters lost 2-0. Yang was 0-2 with 2 K's and an error. Box

R - The Red Sox won 3-2 in a completion of a game started 8/14/07 - Box

A - Wisky lost 5-4 in game 1. Lo was 0-3. Box Wisky lost 3-1 in game 2. KH Lo had a walk as a PH. Box

A - Greenville lost 5-4. Chiang was 3-4 with a RBI at the plate. Box

AAA - Vegas won 6-3. Hu cracked HR #7 and was 2-5 with a RBI. Box


Anonymous said...

oh, new LL rules eh? yeah, I was lookin through them and I was thinking that if we started Wang against Japan, we wouldnt be able to start him in the International Championship while the other International team that plays the day before would be able to start their ace. Do the pitchers have to rest 3 days after 61 pitches or can they pitch on the 3rd.

Anonymous said...

I thought Wang had to sit two calendar days AND one game so it would make him eligible for the Mexico game? Maybe I overlooked something. Anyway, I'll be rooting for them tonight. Go Taiwan!

-Dodger Fan in NY

Anonymous said...

All of Monday's Games were postponed until Tuesday

Anonymous said...

well, this is probably better for our boys as they have another day to prepare against mexico. That way, they wont have to play back to back games as they just played sunday. they can a little rest in, prepare for mexico and maybe start Wang? But, I personally think we should save Wang for the International Semis

Anonymous said...

check out this interview with chin-lung hu:

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Good find on the Hu for the LLWS, with the rules implemented to protect the pitchers and with potentially 4 more games to play - it will be interesting to see how the coaches utilize Wang and Chen over the course of the remaining games.

Anonymous said...

taiwan vs mexico has been rain i believe

Anonymous said...

yup, posttponed by rain. it will be played tomorrow at noon eastern time

Anonymous said...

anyone know if theyll re-air the taiwan vs mexico game?