Saturday, August 04, 2007


Quick update from Rancho Cucamonga, CA - our boys from Taipei, Taiwan defeated a very game Redlands, CA team 8-6 in the Palomino World Series. I'll have more tomorrow regarding the specifics of the game. Taiwan will play Puerto Rico in the championship game tomorrow at 1:00 PM. JIAYO!!!


Anonymous said...

great job from our boys! Hope you took some pics! in other news, Hu was 2-4 with a double in Vegas's 9-0 loss. Our Bronco team had a slugfest against the boys from Pacific Grove, CA with a 27-1 win. no winners in the HR derby though. Whats the news on our Pony team? Did they qualify for the series? We only have those 3 teams competing in the series though right? we didnt send teams to the mustang or colt or anything like that right?

Andres Liao from Chinese Taipei Baseball Team - Palomino World Series said...

just to say hi after landing in TW with the team some 7 hours ago. u have a nice blog. (yet please write more under this title if you have free time since this is really a great game) keep up the good work bro.

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Andres, good to hear from you, as for a recap of the game, check the following post.

Have you had time to upload any of the pics you took during the tourney? Would love to see them!

Thanks for your input on Saturday - much appreciated.