Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Roundup....

R - CH Lin was back in action for the Red Sox as the team won 4-3. CH Lin was 1-4 with his 14th SB of the season. CH Huang was 1-4 with a double. Box

R - The Cubs and A's are scoreless in the 1st. Wen is currently 0-1. Box

A - Greenville lost 7-4. Chiang was 0-4. Box

The Tigers won 6-0. WC Lin was 2-4 with a RBI. Box

The Taiwanese junior NT defeated Canada for a second time on Friday night. Taiwan won 6-2. Read more here.
Here's the line scores from Thursday night - taken from UDN.comThe Taiwanese junior NT is currently undefeated and played the US junior NT today.
Taiwan won the game 6-3 thanks to C Chia-Chu Chen's big night at the plate - he was 3-3 with a double and a HR. Read more here.*Updated


Anonymous said...

Our boys won today against the netherlands 11-1 with a 7 run rally in the 4th with our boys bats heating up as well as a few fielding errors on the netherlands side. We got Mexico tomorrow....lets hope our boys advance to the international semis. On another good note, Wang got the W today with a ok performance. He's still not quite back in top form yet but he pitched 6 innings giving up 3 ER while K'ing 6 and walking 2. One of the runs was on a wild pitch from Wang. Hopefully, he'll get his pitching under control soon. Anyway, good luck to our boys tomorrow against Mexico- they've got some pretty strong bats. I wonder if we'll start Chao Min Wang?

Anonymous said...

Good win today at the LLWS. It was close for a while and I was pretty nervous watching it but our boys came through. I think we've got to start our best pitcher against Mexico since it's win or go home.

Did anyone catch the little pitcher we threw in the 5th inning? Such a little guy but so tough. Congrats to Taiwan.

-Dodger fan in NY

Anonymous said...

I believe Chen Chi Yuan will be our SP tomorrow against Mexico. He's not that small himself at 5,7 136. I heard he was also a pretty good pitcher as our #2 behing Wang. We didnt start him today against the Netherlands as we used Chen Chung Yen, Lin Chia Hung, and Liu Jen Chieh --each getting atleast 3 Ks. Coaches said our boys need to be more patient when batting though as we swung at some stuff that we shouldnt have, resulting in some unecessary outs. We'll see how they do tomorrow. I like our chances!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that little pitcher IS the team captain I believe. That would be Lin Jen Chieh. Kid struck out 3 straight and retired the side. He had that double to start off the 5th. My favorite is the little kid Chang Tse Yu-- standing at 4,6. real little guy. But, I do agree we should start Wang tomorrow after his dominant performance against Venezuela. Mexico seems to have some hot bats.