Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PPD in Williamsport...

Taiwan's game with Mexico at the LLWS was rained out and will now be made up tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM Pacific (on ESPN2). Here's a good read on the current LL rules regarding pitch count limitations.

The Taiwanese junior NT finished undefeated (6-0) in its brief stay in the US. The team beat the Canadian junior NT for the 3rd time yesterday 6-0. Read more here. Wen-Hao Cheng, who pitched yesterday, is one of several top prospects (including Yi-Hao Lin who signed with the Yomiuri Giants) who are in the Class of 2009.
Also, there's been a revision in the schedule for the upcoming AAA Asian Championships:
1)8/25 vs. Japan
2)8/26 vs. Thailand
3)8/27 vs. Hong Kong
4)8/28 vs. Sri Lanka
5)8/29 vs. South Korea

Chih-Chia Chang was clocked at a high of 85 mph yesterday in an exhibition match against the Taiwan Co-op Bank team. He threw 3 innings, allowed 3 hits, and struck out 3 with no walks. Chang is trying to make the cut for the NT.

The Tigers won 9-7. WC Lin was 1-4 with a walk. Box

Seibu lost 6-0. After being recalled to the parent club, MC Hsu was impressive, allowing no runs in 2.2 relief innings. Box

R - The Red Sox won 8-7. CH Lin was 2-4 with 2 TRIPLES, a walk, and 2 RBI's. CH Huang was 1-4. Box

A - Greenville lost 8-3. Chiang was 2-4 and committed his 10th error of the season. Box

A - Wisky is down 3-2 in the 7th. KH Lo is currently 0-2 with a walk, but has his 26th SB of the season. Box

AA - Tulsa is down 3-1 in the 9th. CL Lo started the game and gave up 3 runs (via 2 HR's) on only 4 hits over 7.2 IP. Box

AAA - Vegas is down 1-0 in the 3rd. Hu is currently 0-1. Box

*Another update on CH Cheng - per, Cheng will be in Auburn rather than Dunedin as reported earlier by BA.

Bulls 6 - Cobras 2: Chao-Hsing Cheng was voted game MVP after his 1-4, double and 2 RBI performance. Teammate Tarzan was 0-4 with a RBI. For the Cobras, CH Hsieh was 2-5 with a RBI.


Anonymous said...

OH YEAH!!!! Our boys beat Mexico today 4-2!!!! Were going to the semis--- probably against Japan.

Anonymous said...

Man, that was a close one today. Our boys did great, though they uncharacteriscally made a couple of errors that led to two runs. Anyway, can anyone fill me in on the tie-breaking rules if Mexico beats Venezuela tonight? Because if so, each team would be 2-1.

Also, if you go to the LLWS website, there's a place where you can leave a message for the team via email. I left one and encourage everyone to do so. Our boys need your support! Thanks.

-Dodger fan in NY

Anonymous said...

To the first poster, it's not automatic yet. If Mexico beats Venezuela tonight, then all three teams are 2-1 and there is some type of tie-breaking rule in effect.

-Dodger fan in NY

Anonymous said...

One thing though, Mexico SP K'ed 11 in 4 innings. Our boys really need to find their hot bats and calm down when batting. It seems like we just swing at everything---plate discipline. Give em a bit more time, and I think we'll see some more patient and powerful bats coming in-- judging by the Asia pacific regionals. Wang pitched 1 inning today also

tsong001 said...

to the previous poster.... you didn't mention the 2 HR's Taiwan had. Mexico started their ace and it comes at no surprise that he had 11K's. I watched the game and I thought the boys are reasonably disciplined at the plate. It's a lot harder to do than sitting in front of a TV screen. no offense, but I thought the boys handled each AB well and they definitely didn't swung at everything. It was nice to see CM Wang coming out at the end and threw a 78MPH rocket, that equivalent to 101MPH in MLB!

Anonymous said...

I think our defense was shakey (though not terrible). In the last inning, with running on 2nd and one out, our SS caught the grounder but tried to get the lead runner going back to the base (he wasn't too far off the bag to warrent that throw). This led to one out and two on with the potential winning run up rather than two out and one on. The last batter hit the ball deep and thankfully into one of our boy's gloves. Our ace is definitely a flame-thrower. But we'll have to watch out for the long-balls since it doesn't take much to hit one out at that speed. It was a great game and I was nervous until the last ball was caught!

-Dodger fan in NY

TheTaiwaneseTerror said...

Thanks for the updates guys!

Regarding advancing to the semis, the Taiwanese kids are almost assured a spot in the International semis. If Venezuela wins today, it's a no brainer and we'd be in the #2 spot from our pool. However if Mexico wins, a few things could happen. The only important thing is how many runs Venezuela would allow to Mexico in the loss. Assuming all three teams (Taiwan, Mexico, Venezuela) fininished with a 2-1 record, the #1 designation would be assigned to the team with the lowest RUNS ALLOWED/INNINGS PLAYED ON DEFENSE ratio. Taiwan's ratio is 5/17 = 2.94. The only way Mexico can advance is if it shuts out Venezuela over 8 innings (extra innings)- if this were to happen, Venezuela would advance as the #2 seed and Taiwan would be eliminated. Assuming the two teams (Mexico & Venezuela) play 6 innings, we'd have to root for Venezuela to lose and allow at least 2 runs to Mexico - in this scenario, we'd finish 1st in the pool and avoid playing Japan tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

yeah, but I believe we'll have to play Japan sometime anyway- but hey, lets hope venezuela gives up 2 runs and loses,haha. Tsong, Im definitely not knocking our boys for a lack of plate discipline, Im just happy to have them representing Taiwan- but I must say I have high expectations for them. I wasnt aware of the 2 HR's we cranked or the fact that Mexico started their Ace. But you gotta admit, 11 K's in 4 innings is a good bit. Didnt get to watch the game today but reffering to their plate discipline, I was referring to their earlier games- Im sure they've calmed down now and got in the groove of things- if they cranked 2 HRs. Guess we'll start our Ace Wang tomorrow- hopefully not against Japan as they seem to be on a real hot streak right now. Its not that I dont think our boys can beat em, its just that it would be easier to play the Carribean judging by each teams performance so far. Japan has been on fire, while the Carribean struggled to beat the Saudi Arabian team.

Anonymous said...

regarding the plate disciplince, i thought it was decent as well, except when it came to full count situations, then they seemed to swing a lot more readily which lead to some of those strikeouts. However they're just 12 year old kids, the mexican side swung just as readily during these same situations as well.

Anonymous said...

venezuela won, itll be taiwan vs japan tomorrow....the big showdown