Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14 MILB Scores...

A - Lansing lost 6-2. CH Cheng pitched 5 innings of middle relief, allowing 2 runs on 3 hits. Box

A+ - KH Lo hit his 1st HR of the year and is currently 1-3 with 2 RBI's. High Desert is up 7-0 in the 7th inning. Box

AA - Akron lost 6-3. SW Tseng pitched the last 3 innings, allowing 2 runs on 5 hits. Box

AAA News - Wondering where CH Tsao is? He's been placed on the temporarily inactive list.

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Billy said...

Kuo did fine today. He pitched 4 innings of 1 run 2 hit ball. He walked 3 and the only run that scored was the one he walked in. Also in his 4 innings of work, he struck out 6. They replaced him with Esteban Loaiza in the 5th inning. Kinda wish Torre would have atleast let him pitch the 5th so he could get the WIN. His pitch count was only about 75 or something.