Tuesday, April 15, 2008

IBB Client List....

IBB sports agency (based out of Taiwan & representing Po-Yu Lin/White Sox and Chia-An Huang/Mariners) - run by Adam Chang is representing a number of amateur prospects from Taiwan, including NT C Kun-Sheng Lin.

Here's the list as provided by the agency:

Client List

Birthday Height Weight Pos T/B Pitches
(Taiwan Power)
01/02/1983 178cm 78kg of L/L

(Taiwan Beer)
08/09/1987 171cm 71kg ss R/Switch

(National Taiwan
College of P.E.)
11/19/1988 181cm 75kg ss R/R

(Catholic Fu-Jen
05/12/1988 176cm 75kg p R/R 92mph fastball, slider, 75mph slow curve ball
(Cooperative Bank)
02/25/1987 180cm 78kg p R/R 94mph fastball, slider, change-up
(Wen Hwa Culture University)
12/16/1988 186cm 82kg p R/R 90mph fastball, 81mph sinker, slider, split finger
(Vanung University)
05/12/1989 177cm 74kg p R/R 90mph fastball, 78mph forkball, slider
(National Taiwan College of P.E.)
03/08/1987 178cm 82kg c R/R


Billy said...

some excerpts about Kuo's performance from the Dodgers site for you terror...

It looked like it was going to be anything but a laugher in the first inning, as Kuo, making his second start of the season, had trouble locating his pitches. Kuo retired the next two batters, but proceeded to walk the next three, throwing 10 consecutive balls during one wild stretch and forcing in the first run of the night.

"When he's up in the zone, he sometimes has trouble getting it back down," said Dodgers catcher Russell Martin. "He creates his own damage sometimes with walking people."

Luckily for Kuo, Martin has an idea of how to get him back into a groove.

"Sometimes when he's high, I'll call for sliders so that he has to come down and throw the ball," Martin said.

Whatever changes Martin and Kuo made, it worked, because with the bases loaded, Kuo struck out Jose Bautista to end the inning.

Having managed to finally find the right release point, Kuo then struck out the side in the second and later fanned Luis Rivas leading off the third for his fifth straight strikeout.

"When he walks two guys right there, you can't go up there swinging," said Pirates catcher Ronny Paulino. "He was all over the place at the beginning and then all of a sudden he got one guy, and then he had his rhythm. He has a very good fastball, and once he found that command, he was fine."

Unfortunately for Kuo, he wasn't able to last long enough to pick up the win, having left the game after four innings.

"We were going to let him go about 80 [pitches]," Torre said. "He was around 75 and didn't want to let him start a new inning. He spent most of his allotment in the first inning."

Overall, Torre was very pleased with the performance of both Kuo and Esteban Loaiza, who pitched the final five innings to pick up his first win of the season.

"Kuo pitched well after the first inning. I thought he pitched well," said Torre.

Explaining the key to Kuo's success, Torre said: "He has to be deceptive. He gets a lot of swings and misses. He competes. Even in the first inning, he wasn't aiming the ball. He was letting it go."

"He has that fastball that seems invisible to hitters," added Martin. "It seems as if he could throw that fastball all day and hitters just have problems making contact."

Whether this means Kuo will be the regular fifth starter or that Loiaza is going to get that chance -- or possibly even using the combination again -- Torre wasn't saying.

"We don't need a fifth starter till next Tuesday, so we'll see where we are then."

TTT said...

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