Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14 News.....

CPBL Standings & News:
1)Lions 11-5
2)Bears 10-5-1 .5 GB
3)Elephants 7-8-1 3.5 GB
4)Bulls 7-9 4 GB
5)Whales 6-10 5 GB
6)T-Rex 6-10 5 GB

*Chih-Sheng Lin's punishment has been finalized. He will be suspended for 15 games (he's already sat out 4 games, so he's got 11 more to go ) and will be fined 180,000 NT - up from the initially reported 110,000 NT.

*Here's a vid of yesterday's Lions vs. T-Rex game. The Lions hit all three jacks (Tilson Brito followed by Lien-Hung Chen followed by Tai-Chi Kuo)
in the 6th inning to break open a close game.


Billy said...

I dont think Kuo is starting tomorrow. I think Torre changed his mind and is letting Loaiza start. too bad. I hope they give Kuo a chance. Dont want him to pitch too many innings though. We all know how fragile his throwing arm can be after all those elbow surgeries. I just hope he stays injury free this season

Billy said...

Take that back, according to the Dodgers site...Kuo is indeed pitching tonight. Hope he pitches well so he can prove his worth to Torre. Maybe if he does well he could get a job as a regular starter.