Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Saga of Chin-De Chang...

Chin-De Chang
photo - Apple Daily

Mr. Lin

As reported by Yam Sports and China Times, Chin-De Chang is a 14-year old (DOB 5/17/1993) top power hitting prospect from Taiyuan junior HS in Taitung, Taiwan. The 2 way player (left-handed hitting SS and RHP) stands a shade under 5'10" and weighs 171 pounds. The youngster was good enough to draw the attention of the KDN Sports Agency. Chang and his family ended up signing an agreement to let the agency represent him. The young man was on his way to following in the footsteps of many top Taiwanese junior high prospects who attend HS in Japan when his junior HS found out. The school's baseball program would have been suspended as a result of Chang's signing with an agent. Furthermore, school officials stated that Chang's father is illiterate and was duped by the agency. Based on the circumstances, the kid and his family decided against going to Japan. The KDN agency sent someone named Mr. Lin to the school to try and work out something. Since February of this year, Mr. Lin had been by the school multiple times, demanding that the school release Chang to him. The school was alarmed by the demands and presence of Mr. Lin on their campus and called the police as well as releasing this story to the media. KDN will seek legal recourse (threatening to sue for $1 million NT) since Chang and his family signed a binding contract.
Speaking of binding contracts, Chia-Jen Lo is also represented by KDN. Lo has a binding 5 year contract with the agency. KDN will receive a 15% cut of anything Lo receives over the duration of his contract.

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