Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Junior NT Roster...

Here are the 20 young men chosen to represent Taiwan at the AAA Junior World Championships (to be held in Edmonton, Canada from July 25th - August 3rd).

Pitchers (8):
1)Rong-Hao Hsieh (Taipei County - BC)
2)Kuan-Yu Chen (Taipei County - BC)
3)Hao-Chun Chiu (Taoyuan County)
4)Po-Ru Lin (Taoyuan County)
5)Chung-Hao Wang (Pingtung County)
6)Chia-Liang Hong (Tainan City)
7)Che-Min Su (Taitung County)
8)Chung-Chien Lin (Hualien County)

Catchers (2):
1)Ming-Yen Kan (Taipei County - BC)
2)Min-Hao Tsai (Yilan County)

Infielders (5):
1)Ho Lin (Taipei County - BC)
2)Wei-Chen Wang (Taipei County - BC)
3)Yu-Hsiang Chen (Taipei County - BC)
4)Fu-Lin Kuo (Tainan City)
5)Chun-Yi Wu (Taipei County - BC)

Outfielders (4):
1)Yen-Ru Chen (Taipei County - BC)
2)Hsiao-Yi Kao (Taipei County - BC)
3)Hsing-Kuan Chen (Taitung County)
4)Keng-Hao Chang (Tainan City)

P/DH (1):
1)Jui-Hua Yang (Taoyuan County)


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