Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Minor League Updates...

Here's an update to this earlier post - there are several players repeating last year's level of play.

Po-Yu Lin will repeat his stay with the Bristol White Sox (R).

Chih-Hsiang Huang is listed on the GCL Red Sox (R) roster.

Tzu-Kai Chiu is listed on the GCL Reds (R) roster.

Wang-Wei Lin is on the Twins' GCL roster (R).

Chen-En Hung will hopefully make his long-awaited US debut with the GCL Braves (R).

Po-Hsuan Keng is on the DL with the Lansing Lugnuts (A).


Dianna said...

Wang-Wei Lin was placed on the Disabled List in extendend spring training and I've yet to see him play. I imagine he's still with the GCL Twins but I'm not sure of his status. We have like three kids of South Korea as well all which look very promising.

I wouldn't go by MiLB's posting. They still have Michael Mopas listed and he was released last fall.

TTT said...

Thanks for the heads up....much appreciated!