Monday, June 23, 2008

A Slow Monday....

The Lions lost 10-5. MC Hsu pitched 1/3 of an inning - facing one batter in the 3rd inning. Box

R - The GCL Reds won 9-2. YW Kuo was 1-5 but committed 2 errors in the game. Box

R - In the GCL, the Indians won 5-3 in 7. CH Chen was 0-3. Box

R - The GCL Tigers beat the Yankees 2-1. CT Tang was 2-4 with a double. Box

A - Greenville lost 5-3. CH Lin was 1-5. Box

A - Lansing lost 2-0. CH Cheng threw 2 shutout relief innings, K'ing 3. Box

OTHER - As reported by Dianna in the comments section, Twins minor leaguer Wang-Wei Lin had TJ surgery (like his bro - WY Lin) and is out for the season.

Collegiate NT:
The team is back in action on Wednesday as it kicks off a 6 game series against the US collegiate NT.
As previously mentioned in the comments section, there was a Chih-Lung Huang sighting yesterday - and he performed well - throwing 6 shutout innings while holding the NJCAA All-Star squad to 1 hit. While he did K 3, he also walked 4 batters. Well regarded reliever Chia-Jen Lo also made his first appearance of the series - throwing a perfect 9th inning. 3B Chih-Pei Huang cracked the only HR of the series (for Taiwan) in the 5th inning. Box/Play-By-Play


Billy said...

A little thing on Kuo from the Dodgers site -

With two starters on the disabled list, why isn't Hong-Chih Kuo in the rotation?
-- Ellen W., Monterrey Park, Calif.

He's 3-1 with a 1.76 ERA, only 35 hits and 55 strikeouts in 46 innings. With those numbers, you can build a good case for Kuo. The number that needs to be remembered is four -- as in elbow operations.

Management has concluded that the demands of starting and making 100-plus pitches once every five days are too great on an elbow that has already undergone two Tommy John reconstructions. Admittedly, it's only a guess. The only way to find out is to let him start and risk the elbow blowing out.

The Dodgers believe he's best suited for long relief, pitching multiple innings with multiple days off in between. It also allows Kuo to be used in more than one of every five games. In fact, they've been pushing the envelope lately by using him on back-to-back days.

Im glad they are considering his health and his brittle elbow. Do you think his elbow is better suited for long relief or for starter?

TTT said...

Thanks Billy - I'd like to see him start from time to time - they could put him on a strict pitch count. But whatever role prolongs his career, I'm all for it.