Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Scores....

A - Greenville lost 5-4. CH Lin was 1-5. Box

AAA - Tacoma is down 6-3 in the 7th. YC Chen is currently 1-2, with his 3rd HR of the year and 2 RBI's. Box


The Dodgers lead the Rockies 7-1 in the 7th. CL Hu is currently 0-3. Box

The 2008 Yu-Shan Cup is underway - the tourney will have major implications in deciding who will be on the junior NT, as the winning team will make up the backbone of the squad that will represent Taiwan in Canada later in July/August.


陳星宇老師 said...

there is another prospect pitcher, Wang-Wei Lin, he starts pitching on mound, remind you post his information for us....

TTT said...

Did you mean Wang-Yi Lin?