Tuesday, June 03, 2008

News Briefs....

Reportedly, Chin-Hui Tsao, Che-Hsuan Lin, Chih-Hsien Chiang, Chung-Shou Yang, and Yen-Wen Kuo have been given the green light by their respective teams to participate in the Olympics if they are selected to the final roster.

Chin-Hui Tsao has been released by the Kansas City Royals organization. Sad to say, but this former phenom's playing career is slowly winding down to an end.

Yu-Shan Cup:
After reviewing the rosters for the current HS tourney, there's a few teams with stacked rosters.

The Taichung City team, represented by Shi-Yuan and Gao-Nong HS kids features several former players with international experience:
1)IF Wei-Da Su - JR left-handed bat extraordinaire
2)P Sheng-Chih Yang - 2006 Asian Youth Championships - Tourney MVP
3)P Meng-Chen Fan - on the 2007 Youth NT - top pitcher in the 2007 Hsieh Kuo-Cheng Cup
4)IF Chao-Hsiang Chen - on the 2007 Youth NT - MVP of the '07 HKC Cup/top RBI man in the Cup/all-tourney selection of the '08 Taiwan Cup
5)C Shih-Hao Liu - on the 2007 Youth NT - teammate of Yao-Wen Chang on '05 PWS Championship team
6)IF Shang-Ying Tsai - on the '07 Youth NT
7)IF Sheng-Po Yu - on the '06 Youth NT
8)IF Yi-Ren Lin - on the '06 Youth NT
9)OF Yong-Rong Lee - on the '06 Youth NT

RHP Rong-Hao Hsieh will represent Taipei County (Ban-Chiao) - roster full of Ku-Pao HS kids. He will be joined by:
-C Ming-Yan Kan - '06 Youth NT
-IF Ho Lin - '06 Youth NT
-IF Wei-Chen Wang - '07 Youth NT/son of current CPBL Elephants head coach and ex-slugger Kuang-Hui Wang/Led the '07 HKC Cup (16-under national tourney) with a .580 BA


Billy said...

sad to hear about Tsao. Where did all that talent and potential go? I know he has been through a few surgeries. I guess he just wasnt able to bounce back from the surgeries like Kuo has been able to. You think another MLB team will pick him up? I heard he wasnt doing so hot in AAA. Kinda sad considering he was the top Taiwanese pitching prospect not too long ago. He was ranked higher than Kuo and much higher than Wang. Wang was a very pleasant surprise. Kuo has been nice to watch this year also.

Anonymous said...

"Where did all that talent and potential go?"

well, we can thank his HS coach for abusing his arms by doing things like starting him in back-to-back-to-back games. I suspect that Wang's success proably has something to do with the fact that he wasn't a super standout in HS and hence avoided some of the abuses, but I could be wrong.

If the HS coaches in Taiwan can't learn a harsh lesson from Tsao and start putting more emphasis on protecting the arms of our young pitchers, then it'll be a real tragedy in Taiwanese baseball.

Billy said...

Are the HS coaches still pitching Taiwanese kids like they use to(relentlessly in back to back games with bullpen sessions consisting of hundreds and hundreds of pitches)? You would think they would learn by now. I wonder if this current generation of pitchers like Huang Chih Lung have gone through the same kind of strain and abuse on their pitching arms.