Sunday, December 07, 2008

Movin' On Up!

A preseason top 10 of the current crop of HS seniors was posted before (1-5, 6-10). Based on performance so far in the wood bat tourney:


MC Lin

The new #1 prospect is--Chung-Dao RHP Ming-Chie Lin-- he has good size, a projectable build, has significantly improved his delivery & velocity, he's a 2-way player (he's held his own at the plate - decent hitter and catcher), the key for him would be to improve his velocity & develop an average breaking pitch.


HH Pan (R)

The biggest surprise so far--Chung-Dao INF Hong-Hsiang Pan--a 5'9'' switch hitter with above average speed, soft hands defensively with average range - gets rid off the ball quickly, has quick & strong wrists.


CD Chang

The #1 incoming prospect (equivalent of a US HS sophomore)--Gao-Nong INF Chin-De Chang--has excellent bat speed, a decent stroke from the left-side with power, has a strong throwing arm, is an average runner, but body is thick and filled out on his 5'10'' frame, lacks a defensive position, not very good at 3B. Gao-Nong is fortunate to have him, as the kid almost ended up in Japan.

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