Friday, September 01, 2006

Card of the Month - Slugger Ming-Tsu Lu 1991 BBM

Ok, this month's pick came to mind after watching C.M. Chiang's vid. Before there was Chin-Feng Chen or Tai-Shan Chang, there was Ming-Tsu Lu. Lu or Meishi Ro as he was known in Japan, was a slugger extraordinaire. Playing for the NY Yankees of Japan - the Yomiuri Giants, Lu was an instant hit when he hit 11 HR's in the first month that he was called up from the nigun team. Lu was elected to the NPB All-Star team in his rookie season (1988).

Did you Know? In 1988, to make room for Lu on the All-Star team roster, the NPB temporarily revised the number of foreigners who could be selected to the team from two to three, just so Lu could play.

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